Kommuna Lux - Klezmer Odessa Gangsta Folk

Sun, 10 Mar 2024


Association AMJ

Kommuna Lux - Klezmer Odessa Gangsta Folk - Concerts

"In Odessa, people come together. In Odessa, everyone laughs and sings!" These lyrics from an old refrain are confirmed by the musicians of Kommuna Lux, with their own style called "Odessa Gangsta Folk", which brings together the pulsating klezmer music and gangster folk songs of their hometown. The multicultural port city of Odessa has always been a major source of inspiration for musicians, writers, film-makers and artists such as Alexander Pushkin, Nikolai Gogol, Scholem Alejchem and Isaak Babel, who felt drawn to the city's liberal spirit and Mediterranean climate. The great tolerance of the Odessites, their relaxed way of life and their very special sense of humour have always been mentioned. The metropolis is world-famous for its important Jewish life and for being the cradle of Russian song as an independent genre, songs created over 100 years ago in Odessa by renowned singers and composers such as Leonid Utjossow, Arkadi Sewerny and Aaron Lebedeff.