Fashion show

1 day from now

Théâtre BIOTOP


Fashion show - Theatre and performing arts

  About us   In the last year of our training at ceff commerce in Tramelan, we are three students engaged in an interdisciplinary project of professional maturity. Driven by the desire for innovation and creativity, we chose to organize a fashion show.Our visionFashion goes beyond the simple choice of clothes. It is an artistic expression that reflects our life, our identity and the world around us. Our ambition is to showcase passionate talents, young Swiss designers and brands who started their journey with an idea, a needle and many dreams.   Miscellaneous information   We have made every effort to offer you an unforgettable experience. Buying a ticket offers much more than just a parade; it also includes entertainment and ends beautifully with an aperitif.   Reserve your seats to support these up-and-coming creators and have a memorable experience !